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Planning Your Dream Retirement and Living Happily Ever After

Who doesn’t dream of the day they retire and start living the good life? Finally stepping off the ever faster spinning gerbil cage we call work? When you think about it, with a life expectancy of another 20-30 years (or more), don’t you deserve to make the most of it?

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How to Deal with Fear of Retirement and Outliving Your Savings

After a lifetime of working and managing daily expenses, understandably, almost everyone is unsure if they saved quite enough. How to deal with fear of retirement and outliving your savings becomes critical to enjoy retired life. This can become a phobia with 52% of workers afraid they will run out of money.

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The Future of Retirement and Adapting to the New Normal

What is the future of retirement and what will it look like over the next decade? Especially when you consider the recent pandemic and how it is changing each of our lives in so many ways. No one knows exactly what the future will bring, thus the following are my thoughts and opinions of what may evolve.

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Retirement for First Timers |The Best Free e-Book

Retirement for First Timers is intended to be the most comprehensive free e-book available. In spite of the vast amount of information on the internet, seldom is it organized in a straight forward manner. Our guide captures the most critical things to prepare for a successful retirement. Each section also references the best and most expert sources of information.

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7 Most Interesting Retirement Websites (& FIRE sites) in 2020

With the world turned upside down due to COVID-19, no one has any idea what the new normal will look like. This heightens the need to think about what the future will bring. The Most Interesting Retirement & Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE) websites is intended to share the best of 2020.

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The Pathway to Marital Happiness and Fulfillment in Retirement

Studies indicate that marital happiness, on average, declines over time. In other words, being married doesn’t guarantee a happy life. Except, we also witness a trend where some report their marriages dramatically improving over the years.
What is their secret?
The pathway to marital happiness and fulfillment uncovers the steps these select few have discovered.

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Improve Your Retirement Well-Being for a Happier & Healthier Life

The keys to improving your retirement well-being are achieving a solid financial base, maintaining good health, and experiencing happiness. The real secret is sufficient abundance in each of these areas promoting balance and harmony. The glaring reality is a shortage of any one of these areas will negatively influence your over-all well-being.

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The Top 12 Tips for a Successful Retirement

The top 12 tips for a Successful Retirement are based upon findings from 349 people expressing their thoughts as to what is most important to them. The best part, you can read it in their own words. They are planning and preparation, financial security, purpose and meaning, flexibility and adaptability, relationships, health, enjoyment and happiness, meaningful activity, mindset and attitude….

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How to Have a Successful Retirement even if you Didn’t Save Enough

Contrary to popular belief, money does not guarantee a good retirement! In fact, focusing on money alone may actually blind you from achieving the best years of life. The question that haunts many, what if I haven’t saved enough? How can I have a successful retirement?

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Should You Retire During a Recession (or the Coronavirus)?

Unlike the flu bug, novel coronavirus (or COVID-19) has become a world-wide pandemic! And there appears to be no end in sight in the near future and we are entering into a major recession. You may be asking yourself, should you retire during a recession that is deepening during this outbreak?

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