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The Pros and Cons to Downsizing Your Home for Retirement in 2020

The question staring many would be retirees in the face, what are the pros and cons to downsizing your home for retirement? Should you remain in your existing house or get something smaller and more affordable. The answer depends upon your circumstances and desired lifestyle.

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12 Tips to Prevent Retiree and Senior Scams in 2020

Who hasn’t been a victim of some sort of scam? I thought I was pretty sharp when it came to security, only to learn how much I didn’t know! Its like waltzing through a minefield completely unaware of the risks. Only by educating yourself and keeping vigilant, is there a chance to remain unscathed.

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buy a new car before retirement,why you should buy a new car before retirement,buying a new car before retirement,buying a car before retirement,should you buy a new car before retirement,should I buy a new car before retirement,why you should buy a car before retirement,should you buy a new car before you retire,should I buy a new car before I retire,buy a car after retirement,buy a car in retirement,when to buy a new car before retirement,buying a new car after retirement,buy a new car after retirement,buy a new car in retirement,buying a new car in retirement

Should You Buy a New Car Before Retirement? Or Not?

Purchasing a vehicle before retiring seems to be a common practice. Pay for it while you still have a paycheck and have a reliable vehicle in the years to come. But, should you buy a new car before retirement?
Back in 2012, I was in dire need of transportation. The head gasket on my high mileage Mazda…

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dealing with the fear of growing old,fear of growing old,the fear of growing old, turning 60,fear of being 60,afraid to be 60,how to cope with fear of aging,dread growing old,fear of turning 60,getting old,I turned 60,I just turned 60,how does it feel to turn 60,afraid to be sixty

Dealing with the Fear of Growing Old, Is Age Just a Number?

Dealing with the fear of growing old is a universal challenge as well as accepting our own mortality. Taking a personal approach to this age-old problem. We’re not getting any younger and each of us needs to come to terms regarding it. Even though these should be the best years of our life, it sucks getting older!

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coping with forced early retirement,coping with forced retirement,cope with forced early retirement,cope with forced retirement,forced into early retirement,forced early retirement,how to survive forced early retirement,dealing with forced early retirement,dealing with forced retirement,forced retirement

Coping with Forced Early Retirement: Story of my DIY Kitchen Renovation

Seldom discussed around the water cooler, or anywhere else for that matter, is coping with forced early retirement. Yet, the axe will fall for over half of all mature workers before they are prepared to retire. The loss of those final years of saving can often jeopardize financial security.

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retires great review,retires great,review of retires great,first year review,year in review

Retires Great Review: Celebrating Our 1st Year Anniversary

Hard to believe this is our 1st year anniversary! Our Retires Great review of the past year shares our trials and tribulations with a glimpse behind the scenes. What we did right and all those moments we questioned ourselves. We’re celebrating our anniversary with cake, balloons, and this post! Whether you’re interested in starting a website or just curious about our journey, read on.

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Planning Your Dream Retirement and Living Happily Ever After

Who doesn’t dream of the day they retire and start living the good life? Finally stepping off the ever faster spinning gerbil cage we call work? When you think about it, with a life expectancy of another 20-30 years (or more), don’t you deserve to make the most of it?

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How to Deal with Fear of Retirement and Outliving Your Savings

After a lifetime of working and managing daily expenses, understandably, almost everyone is unsure if they saved quite enough. How to deal with fear of retirement and outliving your savings becomes critical to enjoy retired life. This can become a phobia with 52% of workers are afraid they will run out of money.

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future of retirement,retirement future,future retirement,future of retirement in the US,the future of retirement after work,future retirement plans,the future of retirement

The Future of Retirement and Adapting to the New Normal

What is the future of retirement and what will it look like over the next decade? Especially when you consider the recent pandemic and how it is changing each of our lives in so many ways. No one knows exactly what the future will bring, thus the following are my thoughts and opinions of what may evolve.

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Retirement for First Timers |The Best Free e-Book

Retirement for First Timers is intended to be the most comprehensive free e-book available. In spite of the vast amount of information on the internet, seldom is it organized in a straight forward manner. Our guide captures the most critical things to prepare for a successful retirement. Each section also references the best and most expert sources of information.

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