Retirement should be the best years of your life! After all, you’re going to be around for awhile, aren’t you?

Planning and preparation focus almost exclusively on finances. Yet, your overall well-being will be determined by the balance of wealth, health, and happiness.

You really don’t want scarcity in any one of those areas. For more information see Improve Your Retirement Well-being.

Our goal is providing fresh perspectives and ideas helping you navigate to the wonderful retirement you deserve.

Join us on our voyage of discovery!

Debbie and Shannon, Retires Great

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Risks of Investing in Bonds for Your Retirement Portfolio

Conventional wisdom has always been that fixed interest low risk securities, such as bonds, should make up a portion of any retirement portfolio. Most financial experts .....

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The 6 Golden Rules for Your Golden Years to Be Great

Many retirees fail at retirement. This becomes the most miserable time because they didn’t observe the 6 golden rules for your golden years. Most of .....

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What to Do with A Retired Husband with No Hobbies or Friends 2020

All too frequently you hear women lament “all he does is watch TV all day!” They’ve retired to their favorite recliner and seem reluctant to .....

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Why is Retirement Like Running a Marathon? Or Is It?

Like running a marathon, retirement is a long-term goal that takes planning, flexibility and perseverance. Creating a stable foundation for your retired years requires these .....

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Sudden Job Loss!! Preparing for Unexpected Retirement

Never before have we lived in such unsettling times. The entire fabric of society is being shredded with the outbreak of a global pandemic, associated .....

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How to Write a Retirement Plan, A Step by Step Guide

Planning and preparation are key to achieving a successful retirement. How to write a retirement plan describes the best way to create your own road .....

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The majority of folks assume everything will be good, or at least as long as they saved enough.

No more time clocks to punch.

The complete freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you desire.

And that’s when the challenges begin.

  • How do I want to live the rest of my life?
  • What's  most important to me?
  • What activities make me happiest?
  • What (if anything) is holding me back?
  • How do I want to be remembered?
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The framework is a visual model to better understand the many aspects of retirement. For more information, see How to Have a Successful Retirement.

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The 7 Most Common Marriage Problems after Retirement

How has your relationship been over the past 20 plus years? Marriage problems after retirement have led to divorce rates doubling since the 1990's for those over 50. Remaining happily married for the older generation is no longer a given. .....


How to Cope with the Loss of Work Friends After Retirement or Quitting

Resigning from my job was not an easy decision. However, I never thought I would experience the loss of work friends after retirement or quitting. I knew I needed to leave that toxic environment and my bad boss! What made .....


Why You Should Never Retire

Is retirement a slow death and the beginning of the inevitable decline? Why you should never retire began from a conversation I had with a friend. He argued quite passionately that he would not even consider retiring! That was the .....


The Ultimate Guide on Things to do When Retired and Bored

Retirement is supposed to be the best time of your life, right? No one retires and expects to be bored to death. That isn’t what you signed up for. The Ultimate Guide on things to do when retired and bored .....


How to Deal with Fear of Retirement and Outliving Your Savings

After a lifetime of working and managing daily expenses, understandably, almost everyone is unsure if they saved quite enough. How to deal with fear of retirement and outliving your savings becomes critical to enjoy retired life. This can become a .....


Will Your Marriage Survive Retirement? Or Not?

Willyourmarriage survive retirement? For most couples, the answer is yes. With all the hype about gray (silver) divorce, it’s only natural to wonder if you’ll become the next victim. The transition associated with retiring can be fraught with challenges that .....


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