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10 Tips to Caring for Aging Parents at Home in 2020

Most of our aging parents dread the thought of “getting stuck in an old folks’ home”. With the wildfire spread of COVID throughout senior facilities, never before has it been so important to re-evaluate your options. 10 tips to caring for aging parents at home delves into the many aspects of this thorny issue.

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retires great first podcast, retires great's first podcast, first podcast, podcast

Retires Great First Podcast: A Glimpse Behind the Scenes

WOW! Our first podcast! You might be wondering what it’s like to participate in one. Up until a few short weeks ago, we did too. Obviously, we wanted Retires Great first podcast to go well. Surprisingly, it was fun, exciting and a little bit nerve wracking. In the end, it was not quite like we expected – it was awesome!

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the future of social security,future of social security,future of social security benefits,future of social security payments ,future of social security program,future of social security in America ,future of social security in US,future of social security retirement benefits,what will social security look when you retire,social security,benefits,payments,program

Why the Future of Social Security is at Risk of Financial Meltdown in 2029

The future of social security (SS) and its viability are threatened by the cascading numbers of retiring baby boomers. Recent findings predict that there will be a financial meltdown by 2029! Already underfunded, the onslaught of COVID-19 has trust funds being gobbled up almost as fast as the space shuttle burns fuel during a launch.

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positive attitude in retirement,positive attitude retirement,maintain a positive attitude in retirement,maintain your retirement happiness with a positive attitude,how to maintain a positive attitude in retirement,how to improve your retirement happiness with a positive attitude,improve your retirement happiness with a positive attitude

How to Maintain a Positive Attitude in Retirement to Improve Happiness

About half the time, our minds slide into darker thoughts. We tend to dwell on problems and the things that bother us. Sometimes, we even get stuck and can’t let something go. Improving and maintaining a positive attitude in retirement becomes critical to improve your overall happiness and health. What is the one thing you have control over?

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unemployment insurance,coronavirus,unemployment benefits,pandemic,unemployment,crisis,UI benefits,UI insurance,How much will you get on unemployment,How much do you get on unemployment,COVID 19

What You Need to Know About Coronavirus and Unemployment Insurance 2020

The coronavirus is first and foremost in everyone’s minds these days. As it continues to wreak havoc with the world, unemployment is soaring to new heights in the US. Last week, claims for benefits skyrocketed to 281,000 first time claims. The jump in claims was a 33% increase, larger than anything that occurred during the Great Recession.

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are cruises worth it,cruises are still worth it,is going on a cruise ship still worth the money,is going on a cruise ship still worth going on,are cruises still worth it,are cruises really worth it,are cruises really worth the money,is going on a cruise worth it,is cruising still worth it,are cruise worth the money

Are Cruises Worth It or are they Nickel & Diming us to Death?

Are you wondering if cruises are really worth it? It used to be that you could book a cruise for under a hundred bucks per night. It seems by the time you get off the ship nowadays, it’s substantially more expensive than it used to be. It begs the question, are cruises worth it?

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what does forced retirement mean, what is forced retirement, forced retirement, age discrimination, older workers, involuntary job termination,downsizing,involuntary job separation

What Does Forced Retirement Mean? Top 7 Questions Answered

What does forced retirement mean? It invokes anxiety and uncertainty because of the confusion and so many unanswered questions. It also goes by the names of involuntary job termination, involuntary job separation or downsizing to name a few. Unfortunately, it is a growing trend that is not showing any signs of slowing down…

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how much to save for retirement,how much do you really need to save for retirement ,what should you have saved for retirement,retirement savings

How Much to Save for Retirement REALLY? | Retirement Planning

A typical retirement calculator spits out the number of $1.2 Million for what you need to have saved. For your average American, that is not only unrealistic, but also impossible for most of us. It is estimated as many as 80% of people have absolutely no idea how much to save for retirement. Understand, the financial institutions are motivated to sell you their products and services. It becomes a scare tactic to consistently overstate…

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living will,advance directive,advance healthcare directive,personal direct

How to Gain Inner Peace and Reduce Anxiety with a Living Will

A Living Will helps you gain inner peace by coming to terms with your own mortality. For most of us, it’s unpleasant to think about how life events might unfold. So, at a subconscious level, this creates anxiety and fear of the unknown and the future. By discussing and documenting your medical wishes, you gain peace of mind knowing that you have prepared, as best as you can…

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Gluten-Free Diet, Lose Weight, Wheat Belly, Increased Energy

Pros and Cons of a Gluten Free Diet

Are there any real benefits of a gluten free diet or is this just another fad? I never really gave it much thought until several of my friends, over the past few months, announced they were avoiding gluten. Their comments included that they felt better or they were trying to lose weight. It got me thinking…

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