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History of Retirement: The Story No One Else Shares

Although we observe military pensions dating back as far as Roman times, retirement is a relatively new concept. “Germany became the first nation in the world to adopt an old-age insurance program in 1889.” The Marxists were growing in power and popularity demanded radical socialist alternatives. The “Iron Chancellor” Otto von Bismarck introduced…

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baby boomer facts,baby boomer retirement,baby boomer

Baby Boomer Facts: The Truth about the Retirement Crisis

You’ve probably already heard that we’re heading into a retirement crisis. The reality is our world has significantly changed and our retirements will be vastly different than most expect. Some of the following baby boomer facts will surprise you and…

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what to do in retirement,things to do in retirement,bored in retirement,bored and retired

What to do in Retirement | 7 Fun Ways You Can Revitalize

What to do in retirement has become an almost universal question. Are you having “fun” after retiring? After all those years of hard work, these should be the best and happiest years of your life. My wife and I decided to splurge on a cruise to celebrate …

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retirement happiness,happiness in retirement,happy retirement,retire happy

The Most Important Ingredient for Retirement Happiness

You might believe your retirement happiness is dependent upon how much money you saved. Maybe you are concerned you will outlive your savings. While sufficient wealth is important for a comfortable lifestyle, the truth is money doesn’t buy lasting happiness! In fact, supportive healthy relationships are…

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happiness in retirement,retirement happiness,retire happy,happy retirement

Happiness in Retirement is a Choice, not a Given

Maybe you are a “realist” and not quite as happy as you could be. You are not alone, lots of people are just like you and one day realize something is missing. More often than not, happiness in retirement becomes elusive. This is Jim’s story….

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gray divorce,grey divorce,avoid gray divorce,how to avoid gray divorce,silver splitter

Avoid Gray Divorce | Find Happiness Before it is too Late

You probably never thought that you might be a candidate for “gray divorce”! After all those years together, you thought you would continue to grow and enjoy the next years of your life. We are being sold a bill of goods…

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marriage problems after retirement,marriage problems,retirement marriage problems

The 7 Most Common Marriage Problems after Retirement

How is your marriage after the past 20 plus years? Marriage problems after retirement have led to divorce rates doubling since the 1990’s for those over 50. Remaining happily married after retirement is no longer a given. After half a life-time of working and raising children, some couples are shocked to discover…

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